Measuring Desirability of an Interface

I've been working on a project where I'm trying to determine what visual designs resonate the most with users, are easiest to parse, and feel the way we want them to feel. It was a tricky problem, but in the process, I came across a great toolkit by Microsoft that uses reaction cards to gauge whether a design is successfully communicating what it's meant to.

More great resources on this technique:

Facebook's Paul Adams talks about designing social experiences

I feel like this talk gave me new tools and great information. He covers:

  • Two fundamental human desires: The desire to be unique and the desire to be connected
  • Humanizing the way we talk about social design. 
  • How the invention and socialization of smartphones is like the invention and socialization of cars.
  • Me, Us, Everyone: a framework for thinking about social design
  • How people interact with each other using grouping,  
  • How humans interact with brands
  • Design tips for designing social experiences
  • Design processes

Personas, illustrated

I gave a presentation about my persona research to the creative team at a few weeks ago. It included audio samples from my conversations. Andrew, a front end engineer, did these hilarious illustrations of what he thought the people looked like.