Thoughtful Product Design

I’m a passionate and collaborative designer with 8+ years of experience designing responsive websites, mobile apps, kiosks, and services. I use a variety of user research techniques to determine what to design and then meticulously explore flows, interactions, and visuals that fit the bill. Once I’ve got a solution, I orchestrate the right processes and persuade the necessary people to make it real.

A few things I'm proud of

I move the needle by making things easy
I increased add to carts by 51% on by redesigning a product detail page to match user’s expectations. I increased orders by 10% at ModCloth by redesigning their checkout flow.

I know how to pick ‘em
I’ve worked for 3 companies that have been featured on Fast Company’s annual most innovative companies list: Westfield Labs, Kabam, and ModCloth.

I’ve worked across diverse industries
I’ve worked on projects related to medicine, fitness, food, retail, art, games, wayfinding, social media, e-commerce, enterprise tools, and more.

I've led design teams across borders
At Westfield Labs, I led an international team of 5 interaction and visual designers to design a large feature across iOS, Android, and responsive web.